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Golf simulator

The GOLFZON golf simulator was designed from the best of Korean IT and golf.

More than 50 million rounds of golf are played on 25,000 GOLFZON golf simulators for homes and businesses worldwide annually.
Since its establishment in 2000, GOLFZON has been leading the global golf simulator market by aggressively investing in its 300 R&D personnel.
GOLFZON is building a global ecosystem to connect golfers from around the world to experience a fun, total golf culture. Golfers from around the around have searched for GOLFZON golf simulators for sale to enhance their game and participate in a global golf community.

GOLFZON VISION is currently the most advanced golf simulator for homes and businesses. It was co-developed with tour professionals and golf instructors, providing the most realistic golf experience. If you are looking for a golf simulator for your home or business, GOLFZON is the premier golf simulator for sale in the market today.
GOLFZON’s 3D graphics technology vividly captures life-like details of famous golf courses.
Sensors accurately measure club and ball movement to visually project the most natural ball trajectory.

  • Sensor : measures up to 437yd shot
  • Reads all 9 ball flights
  • Reads any unmarked balls
  • Swing plate : 8-way directional control
  • Mat set : fairway, bunker, rough
  • Both-handed swing platform
  • More than 100 3D graphic courses
  • Online network service